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My name is Novi Miftahul Jannah. Some people call me Novi, some people call me Enop, some would call me Upik. I leave the choice on you. I'm a 90's kid where all the good things still happened, yay!

This blog has been going for a long, long time, and I love that it still here. I started blogging in 2009 when I was still in the 8th grade of JHS, and trust me you do NOT want to know how my blog was like when I first started, it once was made to fulfill my "virtual-diary" needs.

My blog purposely exists to express my feelings through writing. This space is an escapism for me when I have too much in my plate, a keeper for my memories where I will document things in my life, to share some thoughts, personal opinions, etc. I decided to go for lifestyle blog and I wanted it to represent me--my life and everything in between.

Since now I'm married to Mas Aldo Narodan, I would also share little bits of our everyday-things that make us happy, moments we want to remember forever, and love letters to our life. It's a positive place full of everything that makes our world go 'round. We're so glad we get to share pieces of it with all of you, and also have a place to look back and see all of the changes over the past decade.

This blog is written mostly in Bahasa Indonesia and a little bit of English. I must warn you in advance that this blog won't use proper English and might consist of some phrases and words that are not grammatically correct in proper English structure. Still, I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Your opinions and comments are more than welcome, so feel free to share with me :)

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