Friendship Redefined?

That moment when you…Punya banyak kontak di WhatsApp, gabung di banyak grup LINE, punya banyak follower di medsos, lihat banyak orang online di Facebook, tapi bimbang mau cerita masalah kamu ke siapa, bingung mau cari telinga ke mana, ragu untuk memulai obrolan.

Karena kamu sadar, kamu ngga benar-benar berteman dengan mereka semua. Hanya kenal, pernah kenal, atau kenal seseorang yang sama. Selamat datang di era digital, era di mana manusia perlu mendefinisikan ulang banyak hal, termasuk pertemanan.

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Redefining friendship? Hmmm... It has become clear to me that my definition of friendship isn't exactly how the rest of the people around me see it. I guess this whole time I've been expecting too much when I use the word "friendship", but I honestly believed my ideas when it came to this particular relationship. I know it isn't just me who believes that friendship is more than inviting someone over for your birthday or going to the movies with, and you name it. It isn't just a title.

Recently, I have begun to question what's going wrong in mine. Is it that I don't have many true friends? Or have I been deluding myself this whole time? I pray the latter is not the case, but as a day pass, I fear that may be exactly it.

Honestly, I would do anything in my power to do for someone I consider as a friend. I'm not exaggerating when I say that either, as I find people often to do. I would because I believe friendship is an incredible force.

Isn't that the way friendship is supposed to be? Am I wrong? These days I only have one person I can honestly say fulfills my idea of a friend. I don't want to deny my other "friends", but it speaks volumes when they don't make any effort to contact me but spends a lot of time with someone who, frankly speaking, they don't like. Really, if I've been wrong about this whole thing, I don't know if I want to know what's right.


  1. Hai Novi aku juga sempat ngerasa begitu dengan teman-temanku, aku merasa jadi jauh. Temen-temen yang dulu selalu bareng sibuk masing2 dan punya temen baru, aku pun begitu. Tapi sejarang komunikasi apapun dengan kita, kalo kita ada masalah dan cerita pasti temen terbaik kita akan selalu support ^^

    1. Yup, setuju. Karena hanya teman yang terbaiklah yang akan bertahan dan tumbuh bersama :D


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