Bottom Phase of My Life

Recently I had lots of thoughts going on in my head. I've been stressed by being incompetent on something that I could do better for sure. I felt terrible for myself and blaming myself too much instead of fixing things that really matter to be fixed. I don't know if I really am in the bottom phase of my life but I feel like trash already. I admit that I try a lot to be a positive person. But there are times that I fail. Just like what I feel now.

Life. Isn't it obvious if we feel the ups and downs each and every day of our life? I know exactly that it is what it is. It's how life supposed to be. Sometimes I feel motivated, sometimes I don't. The key to happiness? I know. Do I apply that to my daily life? Well, I try my best not to miss it. Do I success to achieve that kind of happiness that I define? Well, pretty much. So, what's really matter when I'm stressed and not happy about what I'm going through? Try. I don't have any choices but to try. Try to be more positive and don't let me down too often.

And, its May already *sigh*


  1. Semangat dek...aku baru sadar judul post terakhirku jg ada phase nya :))

    1. hahaha iya mbak, aku baru nyadar setelah baca komen ini, padahal udah baca postingan yang itu :")


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