“Nobody can see the trouble I see, nobody knows everyone’s sorrow”.

“Nobody can see the trouble I see, nobody knows everyone’s sorrow”.

Enggak ada hidup yang enggak dihiasi kesulitan. Sayangnya, gajah di pelupuk mata enggak tampak sejelas kuman di seberang lautan. Alangkah baiknya jika kita sering menempatkan diri sebagai makhluk yang rentan berkekhilafan agar lebih berhati-hati dalam menaruh prasangka kepada siapapun.

Maka, anugerah penting yang jarang disadari itu berbentuk perlindungan-Nya dalam menutupi aib-aib kita. Seolah kita cemerlang di mata banyak orang, padahal kejelekan yang tertutup enggak terkira jumlahnya.

yang habis dibukakan matanya,

Bottom Phase of My Life

Recently I had lots of thoughts going on in my head. I've been stressed by being incompetent on something that I could do better for sure. I felt terrible for myself and blaming myself too much instead of fixing things that really matter to be fixed. I don't know if I really am in the bottom phase of my life but I feel like trash already. I admit that I try a lot to be a positive person. But there are times that I fail. Just like what I feel now.

Life. Isn't it obvious if we feel the ups and downs each and every day of our life? I know exactly that it is what it is. It's how life supposed to be. Sometimes I feel motivated, sometimes I don't. The key to happiness? I know. Do I apply that to my daily life? Well, I try my best not to miss it. Do I success to achieve that kind of happiness that I define? Well, pretty much. So, what's really matter when I'm stressed and not happy about what I'm going through? Try. I don't have any choices but to try. Try to be more positive and don't let me down too often.

And, its May already *sigh*