Wishing you were here...

Communication is important in a long distance relationship, but then, there are those people who really are not into saying how they are feeling, or maybe can’t always put what they feel into words. You have to decipher it all sometimes or just give some space until the little tensed moment passes by and there are waves or constant emotions you go through; love, anger, sadness being neglected and so on.

It is beautiful though when, this connection is built across thousands of miles away, when it is all platonic…and you still hold on to each other, despite the distance or lack of or no physical intimacy. Yet, it is better to read the expression on someone’s face or their body language without them saying a word in real rather than on a screen. it definitely is better.

There are those times when you miss someone so bad and you start feeling weak as if you’re drained of all your energy, physically as well as emotionally. All you ever want and need is their presence, physically, because you know that there is some magic in their presence that would invigorate life in your veins.

Home soon, baby?